CFP: Time: Limits and Constraints (6/30/06; 7/28/07-8/3/07)

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Robert R. Daniel Jr.
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The International Society for the Study of Time
announces its
Thirteenth Triennial Conference
Time: Limits and Constraints

Asilomar Conference Center
Monterey, California, USA
July 28 - August 3, 2007

Limits and constraints are rich terms that suggest many lines of
conceptual and applied investigation into the study of time across all
academic disciplines and fields of creative endeavor. These words have
important technical or specific meanings in different contexts, as well as
a range of interesting definitions and connotations in general usage.
Though seemingly synonymous with limitation and constriction, limits and
constraints also serve as boundary conditions that enable or induce change
and novelty. Limits and constraints of temporal processes are as
important and powerful for what they produce as what they prevent; they
demarcate the parameters of emergence as much as endings.

The ISST encourages scholarship that interprets its conference themes in
original ways. The open-ended subject-headings listed below are meant to
provoke reflection and help generate stimulating proposals for papers,
rather than to limit the approaches taken or constrain thinking minds.
Proposals that address questions of time, constraints and limits from
synthetic, interdisciplinary viewpoints will be given special

• Definitions and distinctions of limits and constraints in and across
• Temporal limits as limits of a world or umwelt
• Temporal constraints and the limits of the human or 'post-human'
• Constraints and creativity / limits and innovation
• Limits of temporal measurement and their implications
• History: limits and constraints
• Globalization mapped according to temporal limits and constraints
• The role of constraints in self-organization and emergence
• Narrative forms as temporal constraints
• Rhythm, refrain, restraint, constraints
• Temporal limits and freedom
• Ecological limits and the development of post-industrial society
• Biologically constrained evolution / technology's 'liberation' from
• Evolutionary adaptation as a constraint on cultural evolution
• The limits of short-term desires versus long-term goals
• Stretching limits of human life through medical and technological advances
• Tragedy as accommodation of moral constraints and human limits
• Constraint-based writing and creativity
• Artistic schools and periods as constraints or limits
• Embedded systems of constraints and limits
• The limits of top-down vs. bottom-up temporal models
Presentation/paper proposals are called for from all fields of scholarly
investigation and all forms of creative expression. Diverse formats
welcome: scholarly paper, cross-disciplinary panel discussion, debate,
performance/overview of creative work, installations etc., workshop,
poster. Panels may pre-circulate papers and feature discussion among
participants. Each individual paper for a panel must be approved by the
selection committee. All work will be presented in English, and should
strike a balance between area of specialization and accessibility to a
general intellectual audience.

Proposals should be approximately 300 words in length, and include the
presenter's field of specialization and academic/professional affiliation.
 Proposals should be submitted electronically to the Executive Secretary
at with the author's name as file name. Author's
name(s) should not appear in the proposal, as the ISST does blind
reviewing in selecting papers for its conferences.

The deadline for submission is June 30th, 2006.

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Dr. Robert R. Daniel Jr.
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    Et l'obscur Ennemi qui nous ronge le coeur
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     -Charles Baudelaire, "L'Ennemi," Les Fleurs du Mal


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