UPDATE: Non-archived: Balkan Modernisms (5/5/06; MSA, 10/19/06-10/22/06)

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Sanja Bahun-Radunovic
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We are soliciting papers for the panel on Balkan modernisms at the upcoming
convention of the Modernist Studies Association, held in Tusla, Oklahoma,
October 19-22, 2006. It is indeed with scant archival or documentation
support that researchers in Balkan modernisms approach their topic. The area
has reclaimed its modernist heritage only recently and the long neglect has
taken its toll. Already hampered by the linguistic, cultural, and political
division of this vibrant geo-cultural space, the scholarly work on Balkan
modernisms has been additionally hindered by the disappearance of literary
magazines, leaflets, books, collages, programs, and other documents that may
testify to the modernist activities in the Balkans. Conditioned by foreign
and domestic cultural politics, the vanishing of the traces of Balkan
modernisms often went hand in hand with the disappearance and change of
political systems, which we would like to explore. We are inviting the
proposals for the papers that examine the silenced modernist spaces of
Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey, and the former Yugoslavia in
comparative perspective. We are interested in documented and undocumented
traces of Balkan modernisms—personal archives, legacies, journals, bans and
declarations, as well as alternative artistic activities (café-culture,
performances, and so forth), and their connections to the European,
American, and global modernist movements It is our aim to reflect on the
history of cultural omissions as we bring to light the modernist space of
the Balkans.

Please send one page abstracts and brief vitas to Sanja Bahun-Radunovic
(bahunic_at_rci.rutgers.edu) by May 5, 2006.

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