UPDATE: Free Speech and Chicago (5/5/06; MMLA, 11/9/06-11/12/06)

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Free Speech and Chicago
This panel will explore the political, economic and cultural influences that=
resided in the city of Chicago, as well as the influence of forums and the a=
of soapboxing. Around 1913, Chicago was faced with the emergence of trade=20
unions and labor movements, better known as the Industrial Workers of the Wo=
(IWW), and the Wobblies. These groups would bring to the forefront social=20
injustices as well as oppressive political ideals. Reforms and returning to=
democratic society that encourages its citizens to speak out for change. So=
of the possible topics to be examined would be: Bughouse Square, the Dil=20
Pickle Club, the role of Agitators and anarchists between 1900 and 1920,=20
Hobohemia, Haymarket, and the role of feminists, changes in Chicago in the e=
arly 1900s=20
and today with regards to Free Speech and bringing public awareness to socia=
injustices in today=E2=80=99s society. Send your 250-word proposals by May=
 5, 2006=20
to: Karen Holleran at KEHProf_at_aol.com.=20

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