CFP: Framework Conference (5/22/06; 11/3/06-11/4/06)

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Price, Brian Edward
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Framework Conference
November 3-4, 2006
Keynote Speaker: Laura Mulvey

We are pleased to announce that the first annual Framework (Wayne State =
University Press) conference will take place on Nov 3-4, 2006 at =
Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. With a keynote =
address by Laura Mulvey, the conference will gather international film, =
television and new media scholars to address a central issue. The theme =
of our first meeting raises the appropriately fundamental but none too =
simple question of =93The Future of Theory.=94=20

Over the last decade, we have witnessed a sharp decline of theoretical =
work in the field of screen studies and a subsequent rise of =
historicism. In many instances, historicism has been announced as a =
more responsible solution to the problems of theory. The skepticism =
around theory has been evident in the popular press as well. One need =
only recall the sarcastic tone of the New York Times obituary for =
Jacques Derrida. We are wondering what it means to continue to proclaim =
the death of theory today. Are history and theory truly incompatible? =
How might the current moment of rapid media convergence change the way =
we think about what theory can do that history cannot? What might the =
future of theory still hold? =20

Paper topics might address:=20
                *New theories of film, television and new media
                *The relation between theory and history
                * Historical approaches to theory
                * The relation between theory and practice today
                * Theory by filmmakers, television, and new media producers
                * Media as theory=20
                * The relation between theory and philosophy
                * Theory=92s relation to futurity=20
Selected papers will be published in a forthcoming issue of Framework.

Proposals (including a short bio) and inquiries should be sent by email =
to Brian Price ( and Drake Stutesman =
( by May 22nd. =20

This conference is sponsored by the Screen Studies Program/English =
Department at Oklahoma State University and the Fae Rawdon Norris =
Endowment for the Humanities.=20

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