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”THINGS”â€"An Anthology

Edited by
Kristine Samson, Dag Petersson, Thure Munkholm
For NSU Press

Call For Abstracts

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What does it mean for Man to expel himself from art, to leave it to
machines, structures or random generators to impart meaning and
significance to things? To what does art owe its tendency in the 20th
century towards an objective sensibility?

The many endeavors to sever Man from art have indeed been characteristic of
the past century. Artists, composers, writers and thinkers have been hard
at work expounding new artistic strategies, inhuman machines and conceptual
structures in the pursuit of filtering away human experience from the
thingâ€"possibly to give it back to the world, or to let it speak for itself.

For the forthcoming anthology on THINGS, to be published by the NSU Press,
we invite academic abstracts in the area of cultural studies, critical
theory, art history, the history of ideas, literature-, film-, media-, and
music studies. We encourage the development of new concepts, alternative
scholarly approaches and enterprising perspectives on the notion of THINGS
and on the turn toward objectivism. We also solicit a rethinking of the
history of THINGS, for the benefit of a new genealogy.

Possible subjects might be (but are not limited to) the use of materiality
in various avant-garde movements, serialism in music, abstract textures,
diagrams, cybernetics, bioart, morphogenesis, intelligent machines,
mathematical and computational aesthetics, techniques of Verfremdungâ€"in
short all attempts at omitting human experience for the sake of THINGS.

The anthology will consist of the following texts:
one short editorial introduction to the volume
two articles of about 30 pages that introduce the field in terms of science
and art
ten shorter articles of about 15 pages that work as case studies

Abstracts of no more than 2.000 characters pertaining to any of the latter
two types of texts should be sent to the editors no later than 15. July

Kristine Samson (MA)
Editorial Manager
Mifune Film Journal
Copenhagen, Denmark
Email: kristine’at’

Dag Petersson (Ph.D.)
Senior Researcher
The Royal Library
Copenhagen, Denmark
Email: dpe‘at’

Thure Munkholm (MA)
Chief Editor
Mifune Film Journal
Copenhagen, Denmark
Email: thure‘at’

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