CFP: Literature in Transit (ongoing; book series)

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Colbert, Benjamin
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Humanities-Ebooks: 'Literature in Transit' Series:=20

Book proposals and manuscripts are sought for a new Humanities Ebook =
monograph series, 'Literature in Transit'. This series draws together =
burgeoning scholarly interest in travel writing and in related =
literatures that thematize travel, engage with travel cultures, or =
situate themselves in terms of cross-cultural reading communities. The =
series editor is especially interested in publishing high-quality titles =
from eighteenth- and nineteenth-century studies but will also consider =
work from other periods.

Books published will include theoretical, historical and genre studies =
of travel writing and travel fiction; critical studies of travel =
publishing and marketing, translation, and reception at home and abroad; =
critical studies of travel writers, novelists, poets, dramatists, and =
artists in the context of Grand Tourism, popular culture, or other =
social and historical movements; critical studies of travel literatures =
and culture in relation to gender, sexuality, race, class, imperialism, =
exploration and discovery, residence abroad, emigration and immigration; =
and transnational cultural studies. In addition, proposals for new =
editions of out of print or unpublished travel accounts are welcome.=20

Proposals should contain a rationale, a table of contents, a proposed =
delivery date, and (where possible) a sample chapter. The rationale =
should indicate the likely structure and length of the eventual work, =
bearing in mind that there is no reason why an electronic book should =
conform to parameters established by the economies of print (our ebooks =
will range from 45,000 to 75,000 words).

Humanities-Ebooks offers advantageous terms for authors, including a =
profit-sharing scheme. For further information and a full Prospective, =
contact the series editor, Dr Benjamin Colbert (University of =
Wolverhampton, UK), <>, or =
visit the Humanities Ebooks website, =
<<>>. Submissions should =
be sent by email attachment to the series editor and copied to = <>, for HEB.=20

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