CFP: The Shock of the Beautiful (9/06; e-journal issue)

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b. blich
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Call Of papers

Our next issue of Protocols: History and Theory is dedicated to the =
Shock of the Beautiful. Deadline: September 2006

Papers of all sorts are welcomed - academic papers, reviews of =
exhibitions, books etc.=20

Our forthcoming issue (December) will be dedicated to the subject: Art =
and Terror.

Please send papers to the following e-mail.

Protocols is a peered reviewed Hebrew-English e-journal.=20

Attached a link to our journal. Press English to get into English =

Ben baruch blich, ph.d.
Chief Editor


 academy of arts and design jerusalem=20

    mount-scopus p.o.b. 24046 jerusalem 91240 israel=20

    telephone 972-2-5893333 fax 972-2-5823094

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