CFP: Contemporary American Literature E-book Proposals (on-going; e-book series)

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Aliki Varvogli
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Approaches to Contemporary American Literature

Series Editors: Aliki Varvogli (University of Dundee, UK); Chris Gair
(University of Birmingham, UK)

The editors invite proposals for e-books to be included in a new series
of approaches to American literature since 1970. We seek typescripts and
proposals for books in any of the following (or similar) areas:

1. Genre or theme-based studies of contemporary American writing (e.g.
immigration and/or emigration narratives, new journalism, neo-slave
narratives, travel writing, the short story, crime fiction, science
fiction and fantasy writing)
2. Theoretical studies of contemporary American literature (e.g.
approaches based on gender studies, circum-Atlanticism,
environmentalism, postmodernism, race, ethnicity, class)
3. Critical studies of significant novelists, poets, dramatists, and
other artists in relation to contemporary American culture
The Concept
Each series of Humanities-Ebooks monographs will make a contribution to
scholarship in a particular field of research, as defined by the General
Editor(s), and will be edited to the highest standards. It will be the
aim of the publisher and of the editors jointly to ensure that the
monographs achieve a standing equivalent to the products of conventional
publishing houses, while offering considerable advantages in terms of
affordability, availability, searchability, portability, protection of
rights, and protection of intellectual property. For more information,
please go to

Proposals, containing a rationale, a table of contents, a proposed
delivery date, and where possible a sample chapter, should be sent by
email attachment to the editors and Proposals should indicate the likely structure
and length of the eventual work, bearing in mind that electronic books
need not conform to conventions established by the economics of print.
An ebook containing 3 or 4 germinal essays, and totalling 45,000 words
would be as viable as one of 10 chapters and 75,000 words.

Aliki Varvogli and Chris Gair, April 2006

Dr. Aliki Varvogli
Department of English
University of Dundee

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