CFP: Education and Transformative Pedagogy (8/31/06; journal issue)

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Stanley Doyle-Wood

Special Issue on Education and Transformative Pedagogy
Submissions are sought for the third issue of The Julie Mango, an
international journal of poetry, prose and visual art, published twice
yearly on the web. We are searching for well-crafted and thought-provoking
politically conscious work from individuals and groups with original
voices and perspectives. Work stemming from and representing unknown,
marginalized and silenced bodies, communities and peoples are welcomed. We
are interested in submissions concerned with issues of colonial relations
of power, systemic racism, social justice, human rights, and all forms of
anti-hegemonic struggle that locate resistance through education, learning
and pedagogy. In this special issue we are particularly concerned with the
experiences, practices and pedagogies of racialized and minoritized
bodies/communities as they navigate and negotiate oppressive education
systems at all levels. Thus we are seeking to solicit voices/expressions
grounded in experience and knowledge of oppression and struggle in
educational contex
ts. In keeping with the creative expressive locatedness of The Julie
Mango we encourage original work in the categories of fiction, poetry,
dramatic writing, reviews, short stories, essays, commentaries/opinion
pieces, illustrations, photographs and all aspects of visual arts relating
to educational and pedagogical issues. Original translations into English
are also accepted. In particular, we seek to promote the work that:

--challenges conventional modes and mediums of expression, theorization
and conceptualization in the field of education:

--highlights issues of racialization, marginality, silence, exclusion and

--engages/asserts expressions of identity, identification processes and
critical consciousness through and within schooling and educational
settings at all levels:

--highlights the importance of dialogue, of modes of communication, and
language(s) of instruction particularly in multilingual and
multicultural/multiracial learning environments and contexts:

--adulterates the presentation of 'proper English' in creative ways:

--asserts liberatory anti-racist/anti-colonial pedagogical positionalities
and possibilities in multiple forms:

Only works not previously published will be accepted. All forms and styles
are considered. The deadline for the third Fall/Winter issue of
submissions is August 31st 2006 . Multiple submissions are accepted but
please limit them to three per poetry and one for other categories.
Received material will not be returned. All submissions should be sent
electronically to the editors at:
Artistic Director: Chisani Isa Doyle-Wood
Editors: Stan Doyle-Wood; Zabeda Nazim; Alireza Asgharzadeh

Mailing Address: [Only in the case of discs etc]
 C/O Stan Doyle-Wood
Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in
Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in
Education of the University of Toronto
252 Bloor Street West, 12th Floor.
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1V6

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