CFP: Cameroon Literature in English (8/15/06; collection)

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Call for Papers
  Critical Essays on « Cameroon Literature in English :
  The Novel and Drama »
           Since the publication in 1993 of the collection of essays Anglophone Cameroon Writing by Lyonga, Breitinger and Butake, the Cameroon literary landscape has been enriched with new titles in English, Especially in the genres of the novel and drama. Almost on a monthly basis, there are book launches particularly in Yaounde, Buea and Bamenda. However, this outburst of literary creativity has not, it seems to us, been matched by serious critical judgments which could serve both the creative writers and the general reading public. This book project is intended to fill that vacuum.
           The following authors may serve as a starting point, although not as a limit: Bole Butake, Mbella Sone Dipoko, Linus Asong, Epie Ngome, Bate Besong, Anne Tany-Tang, Kenjo Jumbam, Sankie Maimo, John Nkemngong Nkengasong, Francis Nyamnjoh, Alobwed'Epie, Shadrach Ambanasom, Azanwi Nchami, Joseph Ngongwikwo, Comfort Ashu, Babila Mutia, Hansel Ndumbe Eyoh, Nsanda Eba, Juliana Makuchi, Sammy Oke Akombi, Victor Elame Musinga, Ilongo Fritz Ngalle, Athanasius Nsahlai, George Atanga, Mathew Takwi, Margaret Afuh, Protus Tawang, etc.
           Essays could focus on, but are not limited to:
  - Theoretical considerations;
  - Uses and abuses of history/memory;
  - Utopias, dystopias, heterotopias;
  - Cultural nationalism and the national allegory;
  - Myth of lost origins/paradises;
  - Foundational fictions;
  - Ethnic, hybrid, multicultural identity;
  - Folk culture and popular culture;
  - Construction of otherness;
  - Gender representation/Gender and representation;
  - Borders and Borderlands;
  - (Auto) biography as/and mediation;
  - Narratives of incarceration/captivity;
  - Hero(es), anti-hero(es), culture hero(es);
  - Juvenile/youth literature;
  - Themes, Analogies and influences;
  - Novella and short story;
  - Aesthetics of the village novel;
  - Revision, Subversion and Resistance;
  - Margins, Semi margins and Centers;
  - Emerging literatures/National literatures;
  - Literature and other arts (film, music, plastic art).
  Interested individuals should submit 300 word proposals including a postal address and an e-mail address by 15 August 2006. Electronic submissions are particularly encouraged. Those whose proposals are accepted will be notified by September 15 and the full papers of between 15 and 25 pages which should conform to the latest MLA style sheet, should be submitted by December 15 latest.
  Address all submissions to or Professor Edward O. AKO, P.O. BOX 14478, Yaounde, Republic of Cameroon, Central Africa.

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