CFP: Radical Concepts/Radicalized Subjectivities: Re-Reading Reality in British Fiction from 1969 (9/15/06; NEMLA, 3/2/07-3/4/07

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Dr Philip Tew
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Title: Radical Concepts/Radicalized Subjectivities: Re-Reading Reality in
British Fiction from 1969.


A panel at the 2007 convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association,
March 1-3, Baltimore MD.


Convenor/Chair: Prof. Philip Tew (Professor of English (Post-1900
Literature), Brunel University, and Director of the UK Network for Modern
Fiction Studies)


Beyond the crises of the death of the author and the text created by the
relativistic tendencies and the intellectual dominance of French 'high
theory, from 1969 the British novel has developed innovative practices,
radicalizing our linguistic and fictional renditions of reality itself. From
John Fowles to Zadie Smith a series of formal and conceptual ideas have been
brought to bear upon the novel form and its relationship with reality so as
to produce a plethora of committed (and engaged) meanings. Marginalized
subjectivities, issues of gender, class concerns, various social and
aesthetic ideologies, as well as a commitment to mimesis and truth have
inspired an evolving narrative practice with innumerable dictums from the
apparent 'postmodern' moment of irony, through the New Puritans rigorous
commitment to direct expressivity and on to the demands of a fluid
meta-realism (with its extended ranges of real life referentiality and
associative thought). The panel will reconsider just how a residuum of
mimesis and truth underpins this evolving narrative practice, and the kinds
of text so produced.


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