CFP: Tradition & Change in Rural Society (Greece) (7/10/06; 9/24/06-9/30/06)

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James Gifford
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(24-30 September 2006)

Deadline for submissions: 10 July 2006


The Durrell School of Corfu will hold a seminar on the topic 'Tradition and
Change in Rural Society' at its Library and Study Centre in Corfu, 24-30
September 2006.


The growth of urbanisation in almost all countries, and the changing values
and perceptions of those living in rural societies, underline the continuing
relevance of tradition in the light of the transformations experienced by
those societies. The DSC seminar will examine the effects of demographic,
economic, social and political changes on rural society both in theory and
in practice, in order to discuss the present-day and future relevance and
status of tradition.

The changing conceptual and physical landscape of Greece (and particularly
of its islands) provides us with many examples of such changes,* and
priority will be given to presentations on Greek topics, but proposals are
invited from any country or region that has experienced a significant shift
from rural to urban life in recent decades.

*The Ionian islands provide many such examples, including: aerial spraying
of the olive groves with Lebayacin in Corfu; the tourism development which
threatens the breeding grounds of the loggerhead turtles in Zakynthos; and
the creation of marinas throughout the region.

Visiting faculty will include:

:: David Bellamy, one of the world's leading botanists and environmental
:: Maria Couroucli (Université Paris-X), author of Les oliviers du lignage :
une Grèce de tradition vénitienne, a study of the tradition of olive-growing
in the village of Episkepsi (Corfu);
:: David Sutton (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA), author of
Memories Cast in Stone: the relevance of the Past in Everyday Life, a study
of the Aegean island of Kalymnos.

The seminar will include field classes to:

:: The Sylva project, where horses indigenous to the island of Skyros, but
endangered in their natural habitat, are being bred in captivity in Corfu,
according to the principles of the late Gerald Durrell;
:: The deserted medieval village of Peritheia part of which is being
:: The Folk Museum of Sinarades.

TOPICS which may be addressed:
[this list is not exclusive, and other topics are also invited]

:: internal migration from country to city
:: external migration
:: industrialisation in a predominantly agricultural/agrarian society
:: relations between urban and rural populations
:: changing gender roles in rural society
:: relations between island communities and mainland centres of power
:: the economic and social effects of tourism
:: ecology and the relationship of people with their environment
:: tensions between conservation and development
:: the relevance of the past in everyday life
:: continuity in rural society: storytelling as the transmission of culture
and value
:: the role and scope of anthropology and ethnography
:: the commodification of history
:: the quest for "authenticity"
:: reading cultural landscapes: "the tourist gaze".

The format of the seminar will facilitate detailed discussion of each paper
moderated by members of the School's faculty, and will therefore permit no
more than 6 papers each day. Full texts of accepted presentations must be
received at the DSC ( by 1 September 2006 in electronic
format in order to facilitate circulation to all participants.

A selection of papers and the discussion they inspire will be published by
the DSC as part of its Proceedings.

In absentia presentations are not acceptable.

Proposals (2 pages maximum), together with the proposer's CV, should be
received at the DSC by e-mail before 10 June 2006

In absentia presentations are not acceptable.

Proposals (2 pages maximum), together with the proposer's CV, should be
received at the DSC by e-mail before 10 July 2006

The registration fee for the seminar will be 300 euros for participants (to
include costs of field classes) and 350 euros for those who wish to attend
and take part in the discussions, but who do not wish to present papers.

The Durrell School of Corfu cannot be responsible for any costs associated
with travel or accommodation. Intending participants should consult the DSC
website ( for details of accommodation
available in Corfu.

A limited number of scholarships is available: in the first instance,
contact the Administrative Director at:

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