UPDATE: Over 50 areas under "The Documentary Tradition" (8/15/06; 11/8/06-11/12/06)

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UPDATE: All Areas have CFPs up and ready.=20
Dear Film and Culture scholars,=20
The Film & History web site now carries over 50 areas of study for=20
the November conference. Check out the site and the detailed CFPs=20
available for our 8-12 Conference on =E2=80=9CThe Documentary Tradition.=
Here is a hint of the variety of topics under the main rubric of =20
Genres, Styles, and Aesthetics (13 areas)=20
Individual Filmmakers (18 areas)=20
Classics (3 areas)=20
Eras and Places (3 areas)=20
Social Documentaries and Topics (6 areas)=20
National Traidtions (10 areas)=20
Networks (7 areas)=20
War (5 areas)=20
Methodology (1 area)=20
Each area will have multiple panels.=20
Experts in documentary are invited, but historians and culture=20
scholars are invited to come for immersion purposes; a meeting=20
like this one is a great way to =E2=80=9CShoot Niagara=E2=80=9D!=20
Guest artists include Pennebaker and Hegedus of =E2=80=9CThe War Room=E2=80=
and guest speakers include Ray Fielding and Betsy McLane,=20
the =E2=80=9Cdocumentary diva.=E2=80=9D=20
Peter Rollins, Host=20
_RollinsPC_at_aol.com_ (mailto:RollinsPC_at_aol.com) www.filmandhistory.org

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