CFP: Literary Utopias of Cultural Communities 1790-1945 (Netherlands) (7/1/06; 10/25/06-10/27/06)

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Leeuwen, E.J. van

Leiden October Conference 2006: The Literary Utopias of Cultural =
Communities, 1790-1945

English Department University of Leiden The Netherlands=20

25 - 27 October 2006

Writing literature is often deemed a solitary enterprise. Literary =
history, however, has proven that, next to famous literary recluses such =
as Thomas Pynchon, there have always existed communities of writers, =
often joined by artists working in different media. From the =
Shelley-Circle to the Bloomsbury group, many of these cultural =
communities engaged with utopian schemes and philosophies in their work. =

The conference organisers would like to invite scholars to submit =
500-word abstracts for 20 minute conference papers that investigate =
various aspects of the literary utopias of cultural communities from the =
period 1790-1945. We would like to encourage papers that explore the =
intertextual relationships and/or socio-historical links between the =
cultural productions of the following communities and or individual =
authors/artists working within these communities, such as, for instance, =
the Shelley-Circle, Transcendentalists, the Pre-Raphaelites and the =
Bloomsbury Group. Papers on lesser known communities, or individuals =
whose work can be fruitfully linked to any of these or other cultural =
communities and who engage with utopian ideas are of course also =

The deadline for conference-paper abstracts is 1 July 2006. Email =
submissions should be sent to either Margu=E9rite Corporaal: =; or, Evert Jan van Leeuwen: =

Yours sincerely,=20

Margu=E9rite Corporaal
Evert Jan van Leeuwen

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