CFP: Nations Speaking: Indigenous Performances Across the Americas (8/1/06; journal issue)

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Roark, Carolyn D.
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Baylor Journal of Theatre and Performance

Volume 4.1, Spring 2007

 "Nations Speaking: Indigenous Performances Across the Americas"
(Tentative Title)


Baylor Journal of Theatre and Performance seeks essays for a special
issue, to be guest-edited by Christy Stanlake. We welcome essays that
explore performance in, and performative aspects of, the indigenous
communities of the Americas, including North, Central, and South
America. Over the past two decades, American Indian theatre has been
actively growing, at both a grassroots level and in professional
theatre. Along with the increase in theatrical work has been a growing
circle of American Indian theatrical publications (in anthologies and
UCLA's Project HOOP series.) Institutions, like the National Museum of
the American Indian and the Mashantucket Pequot Museum are collaborating
with Indigenous performance artists to create venues for performative
exchanges and conversations across Native Nations. Therefore, now is an
opportune moment for a special issue of the journal dedicated to the


We are especially interested in submissions that seek to move beyond a
tendency (sometimes called "academic tourism") to fetishize indigenous
peoples and their cultures. Topics for this issue may include plays
written for the theatre, performance artists or groups, and popular
performances, including non-manuscript based traditions such as music,
dance, and oral/storytelling practices. We also welcome articles that
consider the complexities facing artists, companies, publication, and
performance within the debatable context of boundaries, identities, and
nomenclature surrounding native communities-i.e., the debate of
"indigenous" vs. ""Native Americans," "American Indians," "First Nations
People," "Aboriginal," etc. . Because BJTP has a particular commitment
to scholarly inquiry surrounding the intersections of spirituality and
theatrical performance, we are interested in submissions related to this
area of research; however, we will avoid the ethnographic study of
religious traditions and seek instead articles that consider: the
problem of preserving sacredness of ritual performance in the face of
outside curiosity, the ways that theatre considers interactions between
native peoples and the religious/cultural traditions of their own or
others' communities, and other appropriate topics of sacredness and
spirituality that may arise.=20


In addition to scholarly articles, the journal seeks book and
performance reviews and interviews related to the featured topic.
Documents can be submitted in electronic format only to the editor
Carolyn Roark at Inquiries regarding submission and
subscription may be directed to the editor, and additional information,
including submission guidelines and a style sheet, may be found at This publication is peer-reviewed and adheres to a
blind submission policy. Baylor Journal of Theatre and Performance is
indexed by the MLA International Bibliography.

Deadline for Submission is August 1, 2006.

Carolyn D. Roark, PhD
Baylor Journal of Theatre and Performance
Dept. of Theatre Arts
One Bear Place, Box 97262
Waco, Tx 76798-7262

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