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julia kristanciuk

2006 Conference: The Documentary Tradition,
  8 - 12 November, 2006
  Dolce Conference Center, Dallas, TX.
  The 2006 Film & History conference on THE DOCUMENTARY TRADITION is currently accepting paper abstracts and panel proposals on SOVIET PIONEER FILMMAKERS Dziga Vertov and Esther Shub.
  "Cinema in Russia began with documentary." This laconic statement by Graham Roberts embraces two beginnings f Russian film making: the pre-revolutionary factual newsreels and re-birth of Russian documentary as a propaganda weapon of the new Soviet Russia. Striving for cultural hegemony, the government of the new state encouraged production of non-fiction films, and despite the deficit of film stock, early years of the Soviet state saw a proliferation of newsreels as well as experiments in documentary film making. Dziga Vertov and Esther Shub stand out as the two filmmakers whose aesthetic principles, at times irreconcilable, shaped the documentary tradition in the U.S.S.R. and in the world. Some of their questions about documentary film making are still open for discussion today. How much script should a documentary allow to remain documentary? Can documentary shots be staged? And, most importantly, should documentary cinema record or make history? We invite papers that
 offer answers to these questions and analyze how early Russian documentary film makers mediate and create history and how they attempt to define the genre.
  We will consider papers that address one of the following or similar topics related to Soviet and Russian documentary:
  •Ethnography, sociology, ethnicity
  •Gender in nonfiction film
  •Educational and industrial films
  •Government sponsorship and political or social ideology
  •Nature studies, urban landscapes, and travel
  •Religion and spirituality
  •National documentary film theories and schools
  •Historical eras and coverage of historical events
  •Popular culture, concert films, music videos, sports, and leisure
  •Technique, technology, and cyberspace
  •Documentary auteurs
  Please send 200-250 word paper abstracts and panel proposals by 20 July 2006 to the area chair for Soviet/Russian Documentary Cinema, Julia Kristanciuk, via email at
  Full details about the conference and on-line registration are to be found at the following URL:
  JuliaKristanciuk, Soviet/Russian Documentary Cinema Area Chair
  Film & History Conference: "The Documentary Tradition"
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