UPDATE: Threatening Bodies: Nationalism, Sexuality, and Race (8/1/06; journal issue)

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Jennifer Musial
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Below is a second reminder of our call for papers.
You'll also notice that we are now soliciting book reviews in addition to
original essays for the journal.

 Please Forward... deadline approaching.

 Call for Papers: Special theme issue of 'Reconstruction: Studies in
Contemporary Culture'

 'Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture' is an open access,
 peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing cultural studies work from
 and established scholars worldwide.

 We now invite submissions for our special-theme issue tentatively titled,
 "Threatening Bodies: Nationalism, Sexuality, and Race"

 Different types of bodies threaten the status quo, through their physical
 bodily practices, or embodied identities. Such bodies, when read as text,
 seen as dangerous to the institution of heterosexuality, gender stability,
 racialized identities, the nation, and the reproduction of future
 Often, for safety purposes, these bodies must move through spaces
 This collection seeks to examine how various bodies both threaten the
 and are simultaneously threatened by the nation. We invite papers that
 the body through varied frameworks: as readable texts, as lived bodies, as
 systems, as cultural constructions, etc. Ultimately, we want to
 how bodies threaten, trespass, spy, pass, "terrorize" and/or subvert the
 and dominant ideas of citizenship.

 Possible topics may include:

 · transsexed and transgendered bodies
 · passing while pregnant bodies
 · sex working bodies
 · bodies that have aborted fetuses
 · racialized bodies
 · closeted bodies
 · spy/stealth operative bodies
 · mental health survivors' bodies
 · imperceptibly physically impaired bodies
 · self-cutting bodies
 · undocumented and illegal bodies
 · modified and manipulated bodies

 **We are also accepting book reviews and review essays on fiction and
 texts that suit the theme of the special issue.**

 Completed papers must be submitted by August 1, 2006 to
 threateningbodies_at_yahoo.com. Inquiries can be made to the same address.

 Final journal to go online in January 2007.

Submission guidelines can be found here:

 Jennifer Musial and Emily van der Meulen
 School of Women's Studies, York University
 4700 Keele St, Toronto ON, Canada, M3J 1P3

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