CFP: Ford Madox Ford - Networks and Transitions (7/31/06; 9/14/06-9/15/06)

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Proposals are invited for 20-minute papers or for panels (with three=20
participants) on Ford=E2=80=99s work as a novelist, poet, essayist, propaga=
ndist, critic,=20
biographer, travel writer, historian, or raconteur. The emphasis of the=20
conference is on Ford as a transitional figure spanning various cultural ph=
ases from=20
Victorian to Pre-Raphaelitism, through Impressionism and early Modernism, t=
post-WW1 Paris and the USA.=20

Possible themes and topics include the visual arts, music, biographical=20
contacts, literary influence, canonicity and tradition, modernity, the publ=
sphere, cultural exchange/conflict, exile, World War One, Edwardianism,=20
Modernism, regionalism, identity, and sexual politics.=20

The conference could also include work on Ford=E2=80=99s contributions to=20
periodicals edited by other people (though papers on Ford as an editor shou=
ld be=20
offered for the 2008 conference described below) and work on Ford=E2=80=99s=
(whether literary or biographical) with specific writers. =20
For further information or to offer a paper or essay please contact:
Andrzej Gasiorek=20
Email: ( =20
Daniel Moore=20
Email: _DTMoore72665937_at_aol.com_ (

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