UPDATE: The Documentary Tradition: WW II, Germany (7/25/06; Film & History, 11/8/06-11/12/06)

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Call for Papers
2006 Film and History League Conference
"The Documentary Tradition"
http://www/filmand history.org
AREA: World War II: Germany
CHAIR: James J. Ward

At this year's Berlin Film Festival, a 2 ½-hour semi-documentary on the bombing of Dresden in February 1945-at 10 million euros, the most expensive film ever made for German television-occasioned considerable comment. Together with last year's _Sophie Scholl: Die Letzten Tagen_ (released earlier this year in the US) and 2004's _Der Untergang_ (_Downfall_ in US release), both Oscar nominees for best foreign film, these recent German films have blurred the line between fiction and fact, at least in regard to the Second World War.

For the November 8-12 Film & History conference on "The Documentary Tradition" at the Dolce Conference Center in Dallas, Texas, papers are invited in the "World War II: Germany" area. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: German/Nazi documentary film dealing with the war, the home front, countries under German occupation/control, anti-partisan warfare, the Axis alliance and war effort, "total war" (as proclaimed by Goebbels in February 1943), the development of _Wunder_- and _Vergeltungswaffen_, and the pursuit of the _Endsieg_ in 1945. Post-1945 (West and East) German documentary films and television programs dealing with the war are also appropriate, as are post-1989 German film and television productions on World War II, the German defeat, occupation and division, and the "memory" of the war. Recent scholarly and media controversies in Germany arising from the Second World War-e.g., the "Crimes of the Wehrmacht" exhibition (1995-99) and the debate over the _Bo!
 mbenkrieg_ inspired in part by the publication of Joerg Friedrich's _Der Brand_ in 2002-suggest other possible topics and approaches.

"World War II--Germany" is conceived as generous and expansive. Questions about the suitability of topics may be directed to me. Proposals for individual papers, complete panels, and any other issues should be e-mailed to me at jjward_at_cedarcrest.edu. Please include a brief description or abstract of the paper being proposed and a summary cv. The deadline for proposals is July 25, 2006.

Complete information on the 2006 Film and History Conference may be found at http://filmandhistory.org.

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