CFP: Identities: Individual, Cultural, National (grad) (11/6/06; 3/31/07)

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Claire Reynolds
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CFP: Identities: Individual, Cultural, National, ...

Graduate Student Conference: 31 March 2007
University of Rhode Island

        What does identity mean in the contemporary moment? How do issues such as
class, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, nationalism, and culture inform
our concepts of identity? In 1950, Erik Erikson asserted, "[the] sense of
identity provides the ability to experience one's self as something that has
continuity and sameness." Today, however, identities have been shaped and
shattered by fissures, multiplicities, discontinuity and difference.
Post-modernist theories of subject formation and questions of autonomy and
social construction influence the ways in which we experience our identities
as individuals and as active members of disparate academic and social

The English Department Graduate Student Conference Committee at the
University of Rhode Island invites submissions for presentations and panels
pertaining to issues relating to the concept of identity. We anticipate a
wide range of presentations from a variety of disciplines. Possible topics
and areas of interest include, but are not restricted to:

* Literary Studies: World, American, English, European, African, Asian,
Antipodean, Indigenous, Children's ...
* Writing: Rhetoric, Composition, Creative Writing, Journalism
* Drama, Film, Media Studies
* Art and Art History
* Historical Studies
* Anthropology
* Imperialism, (Post)Colonialism, Nationalism
* Globalization
* Women's Studies
* Gender Studies, Queer Theory, Sexuality
* Race/Ethnicity/Multi-cultural Studies
* Culture and Class
* Education, the Teaching Profession, and Pedagogy
* Language and Dialect
* Critical Theory
* National/Regional Sports, Cuisine, Music, Dance ...

Please propose individual papers or panels, and indicate whether you are
willing to moderate a panel. Panels of 3-4 presentations are especially
welcome. Panels will be one hour and fifteen minutes long.

To propose a paper, please submit a cover page with your name; institutional
contact information (mailing address, phone number, and email), a 250-word
abstract of the paper; a roughly 100-word bio for publication in the
conference program; and a detailed request for audiovisual equipment if
needed. Presentations will be limited to 15" (papers should be 6-8 pages in

To propose a panel, please submit a cover page including the title of the
panel and the names of presenters; a panel abstract of 150-250 words; a
separate page with the names of presenters, their contact information
(mailing address, phone number, and email) and institutional affiliation(s),
and the titles of their presentations; and a 250-word abstract for each
paper. No names of presenters should appear on any of the abstracts.

The conference committee prefers the submission of materials in the body of
an e-mail or
as an attachment in Word, text, or PDF documents, sent to If e-mail submission is impossible, you may submit
materials via USPS to Claire Reynolds, English Department, 60 Upper College
Road, Kingston, RI 02881. We are happy to answer any questions regarding
the conference. Please contact Claire Reynolds ( or
Meredith Krall (

Deadline for receipt of submissions is 5:00 p.m., Monday, 6 November, 2006.

Notification of acceptance will be by e-mail on or about Thursday, 30

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