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The editors of the international research confederacy on African literature and culture (IRCALC) welcome submissions of research papers on recent literatures /existing oratures of Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone Africa generally focussed around the boundaries of Culture, Oral Tradition and Aesthetics; History, Progress and Transition; War, Conflicts, Trauma and Reconciliation; Individuality vs Fringe /Marginal Identities; Masculinist /Feminist (Re)Inscriptions; Present-Past /Future-Present Temporality; Contemporary Modernity and Citizenship (Re)Definitions; Post-Colony and Nation-State Dilemmas. Works in indigenous African languages such as the Swahili, IsuZulu, Shona, Hausa, Igbo, et cetera if cited with an English translation will be welcome.
  Submission Requisite: Essays on Fiction, Drama Poetry
  Using MLA parenthetical citation format, papers (4000-6000 words) must strive at originality and should, as the theme suggests, expand the frontiers of criticism or open new approaches to the study/teaching of African literature beyond familiar canons and inscriptions. Comparative approaches and knowledge of a wide list of newer African literatures will be of particular advantage in our selection process. Interested contributors may send a short abstract of their intended research (not more than 600 words) by .rtf or .doc attachment to the IRCALC editors at Alternatively scholars with sustainable interest in African literature may request, through us, some recent works of fiction drama and poetry made available in free PDF distribution format by local Africa-based publishers. Other areas of submissions include: Book Reviews: Creative Writings: Poetry, Short Fiction, Art (Images) and Biographical Entries
  Please visit the Africa research website ( for detailed guidelines. Assessment and review of submitted materials will end in December 2006.

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