CFP: Student Essays for Use in Writing Textbook (undergrad) (9/15/06; collection)

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Sarah Skwire
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The authors of _Writing with a Thesis_, an introductory college writing
textbook that is under contract for its 10th edition, seek several
student essays to serve as examples of good student writing.

Because _Writing with a Thesis_ focuses on the importance of having a
strong thesis statement and persuasive support of that thesis, submitted
essays should have these qualities as well. They should also hew very
closely to the standards for the rhetorical patterns of which they are
meant to be an example. The essays should be personal in nature, and
topics and style should be appropriate for an introductory writing
course. They should be interesting reading in both tone and subject.
Length can vary, though essays that will be most likely to be useful to
us will be approximately 800 words.

We are seeking essays in the following categories:

Comparison-Contrast (alternating pattern)
Division and Classification

Only one essay from each category will be used in the book. Students may
submit more than one essay per category. They may also submit to
multiple categories. Essays MUST be received by Sept. 15, 2006.

Essays that are chosen for publication will appear in print in the tenth
edition of _Writing with a Thesis_ and may be used in future editions as
well. Essays may be edited for publication, at the descretion of the
textbook authors. Each student whose essay is published will receive one
free copy of the textbook's tenth edition.

This is a great opportunity for your students to get published as
undergraduates, and it might make a great assignment to finish up the
summer semester or start out the fall term. Professors who have good
student essays saved up from past classes may also wish to encourage
students to submit those essays.

Professors who would like to familiarize themselves and their students
with the style and topics of student essays in use in the ninth edition
can get review copies of the ninth edition of _-Writing with a Thesis_

Please feel free to contact the author at the email given below for any
further questions or clarifications.

Sarah E. Skwire

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