UPDATE: Circular Flows (grad) (Germany) (9/30/06; 11/3/06-11/5/06)

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Gerd Sebald

                          7TH GRADUATE CONFERENCE IN ERLANGEN

                                  3RD - 5TH OF NOVEMBER 2006

                                KOCHSTR. 4, 91054 ERLANGEN

                        CAPILLARIES OF WORLD CULTURE


Ulf Hannerz (Stockholm):
(title and date will be
published soon)
Roland Robertson (Aberdeen): IDENTITY AND THE STATE: THE

The 7th graduate conference "circular flows" takes up the theme of the 6th
conference which was held under the title ,,border//crossings". Two years
ago, in 2004, borders and border crossing was discussed, while this
year's conference will focus on the topics of mobility and motility as
constituents of new trans-cultural spaces. The crossing of traditional
borders is considered as a necessary prerequisite of the emergence
of "Circular Flows", but the main
attention is drawn towards the genesis, modification and stabilisation of
knowledge and culture in the course of border transgression ­
from "roots" to "routes" as Paul Gilroy put it. The conference deals both
with questions of "blurring boundaries" on the level of international
organisations, with discourses of new "transnational spaces", of
new "ethno-, ideo- or mediascapes" and with discussions
about "glocalization", "hybridisation" and

The conference addresses the debate about world culture und world society
beyond global finance markets and geopolitics. Artefacts, bodies, people,
social relations, institutions, figures, media, facts and cultures "on
the move" are to be questioned about their bottom-up consequences for and
in line with world culture.

Conference topics are:
de-construction of global space: mobility, migration, routes
production, distribution, consumption
meaning, symbols, media transfer, blending and hybridization
border crossing

cos-mobility: change of attitudes and ,,world views"
global culture, intercultural communication
language, rituales and representations
eflexivity, ethics, postmodernism

new borderlines and regimes: new spaces
 postcolonial constellations, regulation, oikos, nomos
inclusion and exclusion, inequality
power, money, love, truth

We would like to invite an international and interdisciplinary audience to
the three-day conference. Graduates and postgraduates from philosophy,
history, languages and literatures, media studies, social sciences etc.
should post proposals to the issue of "circular flows", both theoretical
work or concepts and empirical or literature studies.

Conference languages will be English and German. The publication of a
anthology is planned. Please submit your proposal using the online
registration form on the webpage (www.gradnet.de) until

September 30th, 2006

Conference fee will presumably be 20,- (to be paid on arrival). Please
contact us if you have any questions.

Department of Sociology
FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg
D-91054 Erlangen
0049-9131-8522092 (or: 0049-9131-8522792)

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