UPDATE: Victorian Secrets (5/31/07; 11/2/07-11/4/07)

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Albert Pionke
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Revised CFP: Victorian Secrets

University of Alabama
Fall 2007: November 2-4

Keynote Speaker:
John Kucich (Rutgers University)

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The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa will host the Victorians
Institute annual conference on the subject of Victorian Secrets.
Papers will be welcome that address this topic from any of the
specific disciplines represented in the Victorians Institute—
including, but not limited to, art, history, literature, music,
political science, sociology, and theology—as well as those that work
across and outside of traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Topics for papers of 15 to 20 minutes in length might include:
• Secrecy and social respectability
• Secrecy and gender construction
• Secrecy and Victorian formulations of race
• Secrecy and religion
• Secrecy and business
• Theories of Victorian secrecy
• Textual secrecy: narrative red-herrings; the revelation of
characters' interior lives; secret letters, billet-doux, clandestine
• The revelation of hitherto unknown individuals, collectives or
texts from the Victorian period

Please send proposals of no more than 500 words by May 31, 2007 to Dr.
Albert Pionke, Department of English, 103 Morgan Hall, Box 870244, The
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0244. Email:

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