CFP: Extreme East Asian Cinema and Cult Film Canons (8/10/06; SCMS, 3/8/07-3/11/07)

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Hye Seung Chung (hchung)
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Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference (SCMS) =

Chicago Hilton=2C Chicago=2C IL
March 8-11=2C 2007 =


=93Extreme=94 East Asian Cinema and Cult Film Canons

Beginning in the 1950s and 1960s=2C the films of Kurosawa Akira=2C Ozu Y=
asujiro=2C and Mizoguchi Kenji entered the Western canon of East Asian c=
inema under the various rubrics associated with auteurism and art cinema=
=2E Throughout the 1980s and 1990s=2C Fifth-Generation Chinese filmmake=
rs such as Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige rose to international fame for the=
ir exotic=2C ethnographic films=2C facilitating critical debates about s=
elf-orientalism=2C among other things=2E In recent years=2C however=2C =
the dominant mode of East Asian film canons in the West appears to have =
shifted into an area that can be (and has been) described as =93extreme =
cinema=2E=94 Under this blood-soaked banner are assembled some of the m=
ost iconoclastic auteurs in East Asia=2C including Fruit Chan=2C the Pan=
g Brothers=2C Kurosawa Kiyoshi=2C Miike Takashi=2C Kitano Takeshi=2C Kim=
 Ki-duk=2C and Park Chan-wook=2C who are each enjoying a spike in intern=
ational recognition and cult fandom=2C due in part to the visceral natur=
e of their disturbing yet engrossing films=2C which frequently shuttle b=
etween tranquillity and terror=2C the sublime and the grotesque=2E =


This panel seeks to foster critical dialogue concerning the recent pheno=
menon of =93extreme cinema=2C=94 a craze among cult film aficionados as =
well as international critics who have had a hand in shaping the contour=
s of contemporary East Asian film canons=2E =


Possible paper topics include (but are not limited to)=3A

*** The cult following for and critical controversies surrounding notori=
ous films such as Audition=2C Battle Royale=2C The Isle=2C and Oldboy=2E=


 *** A comparative study of the local and international receptions of =93=
extreme=94 auteurs and their films

*** An examination of aesthetic=2C stylistic=2C and generic characterist=
ics of =93extreme=94 East Asian cinema (in contrast with its Western cou=
nterparts=2C such as the films of Quentin Tarentino and Michael Haneke) =


*** An ideological and cultural analysis of =93extreme=94 East Asian cin=
ema (along the lines of nationality=2C gender=2C class=2C and sexuality)=


*** A mapping out of the cross-cultural influences and collaborative ass=
ociations among =93extreme=94 auteurs (e=2Eg=2E Three=85Extremes)

*** A look at the roles of international film festivals and home video d=
istributors (such as Tartan) in the making of East Asian (extreme) film =
canons =


Please send a 250-word proposal and a brief bio to Hye Seung Chung (hchu=
ng=40hamilton=2Eedu) before August 10=2C 2006 for consideration=2E =


Information about the conference can be found at http=3A//www=2Ecmstudie=

Hye Seung Chung
Department of Comparative Literature
Hamilton College
198 College Hill Road
Clinton=2C NY 13323
Tel=3A 315-853-8148

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