CFP: Jews & Sex (9/30/06; collection)

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Nathan Abrams

Proposals are sought for a new edited collection tentatively titled, =
Jews and Sex. Possible contributions could include, but are not limited =
to, the following:

  a.. The involvement of Jewish men and women in pornography=20
  b.. The role of Jewish women in the anti-pornography movement=20
  c.. Sexual liberationists=20
  d.. Jews in the women's liberation movement=20
  e.. Jews in the gay and lesbian "movement"=20
  f.. Love Parades in Israel=20
  g.. Homosexuality in Israel=20
  h.. Lesbian parenting in Israel=20
  i.. Jewish gay and lesbian writers=20
  j.. Homosexuality in Orthodoxy=20
  k.. Freud=20
  l.. Sex within American and British fiction=20
  m.. Sex in Israeli Fiction=20
  n.. Sex in Yiddish fiction=20
  o.. Bundist attitudes towards sexuality=20
  p.. Jewish birth control campaigners=20
  q.. The involvement of Jews in the pro-Choice movement=20
  r.. Jewish anarchist attitudes to "free love"=20
  s.. Visions of Jews as sexually exotic=20
  t.. Anti-Semitic propaganda=20
  u.. Jews as sex symbols in the movies, and the reverse=20
  v.. Jewish involvement in prostitution
Please send proposals (maximum 400 words), accompanied by a brief =
biography or CV, to Nathan Abrams,, by =
September 30th, 2006.


Nathan Abrams is a Lecturer in and Programme Coordinator of Film Studies =
at the University of Wales Bangor. =

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