CFP: Student Identity in First Year Writing (8/14/06; SCMLA, 10/26/06-10/28/06)

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The composition classroom is a place where the vast diversity of today=92=
s college students meet in one location. And it is the duty of compositi=
on instructors to assist these ethnically and culturally diverse student=
s in constructing an academic identity. In the twenty years since David =
Bartholomae=92s "Inventing the University" was published, the debate con=
cerning how best to help students construct this academic identity in th=
e contact zones of first year writing is still debated. While much of th=
e conversation has centered on pedagogy, it is also important to see wha=
t diverse student writers are actually doing in their writing as they st=
ruggle become part of the academic community. This panel seeks to bring =
to the fore some of the ways ethnically and culturally diverse students =
have constructed or created an academic identity within the scholarly co=
mmunity. While this panel will discuss various theories in composition a=
nd rhetoric concerning identity, the panel=92s main focus will be on the=
 students=92 writing itself. It is of utmost importance that while stude=
nt writing may be theorized, student writing must also be investigated a=
nd understood as an entity unto itself. =

Please send 500 word abstracts concerning student identity in compositio=
n to Milissa Riggs, University of Texas at Arlington, PO Box 19035, Arli=
ngton, TX 76013 or to by August 14, 2006. Confere=
nce will be in Dallas, Texas October 26-28, 2006

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