CFP: Annie Proulx and the Geographical Imagination (10/1/06; collection)

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Alex Hunt
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CFP: Annie Proulx and the Geographical Imagination (10/1/06; =

Annie Proulx and the Geographical Imagination: =20
Rethinking Regionalism, Place, and the Local

Annie Proulx has written that her interest is in =93social and economic =
change in rural communities=94 and that she is =93something of a =
geographical determinist, believing that regional landscapes, climate =
and topography dictate local cultural traditions and kinds of work.=94 =
Proulx=92s fiction, characterized by its strong engagement of regional =
cultures and landscapes, seems an intriguing subject for critical =
reexamination of literary spaces in what often seems a postregional era. =

I invite proposals for contributions to a collection focused on =
Proulx=92s literary geographies, her construction of spaces both real =
and imagined, and her idiosyncratic fictional treatment of actual places =
and regional cultures. Consider the following topics:

--Proulx=92s particular places: Newfoundland, Vermont, Wyoming, Texas, =
--Realism, regionalism, and beyond in Proulx=92s treatment of the local
--Proulx=92s fiction approached through cultural geography, social =
theories of space
--Proulx=92s representation of labor and class as connected to =
local/regional economies
--Ecocritical approaches, Proulx=92s fiction as environmental critique
--Proulx=92s research into and use of regional histories
--Tensions between local, national, and global frames of reference in =
Proulx=92s fiction

Email 500 word abstract and CV by October 1 to Alex Hunt:

Alex Hunt
Dept. of English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages
West Texas A&M University
Box 60908
Canyon, TX 79016

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