CFP: Parrheisa: A Journal of Critical Philosophy (ongoing; journal)

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Alexander William Murray

Parrhesia: a journal of critical philosophy

editors: Matthew Sharpe, Alex Murray, Jon Roffe

Michel Foucault’s last works tell us that parrhesia is the act of
fearlessly speaking the truth.To engage in parrhesia is never, however, a
‘neutral’ act. Parrhesia simultaneously incorporates aesthetic and
ethical dimensions. The parrhesiast is someone whose fidelity to the truth
becomes the pivot of a process of self-transformation.

Parrhesia is a journal that aims to gather a range of thinkers to examine
the intersections between questions of subjectivity, politics, ethics,
aesthetics and truth, intersections which both theoretically and
practically form the critical points in our culture and in our time. As
Walter Benjamin suggests it is these ‘perilous critical moments’ upon
which the very act of reading, writing and thinking must be based.

Parrhesia is affiliated with the Departments of English and Philosophy
at the University of Melbourne, and with the Melbourne School of
Continental Philosophy. The journal will be published twice a year in June
and November

At this stage the submissions are directly solicited by the editors,
however from September 2007 we will be taking more general submissions .
If you would like to propose a paper, please send a 250 word abstract to
one of the editors.

Regards, the editors


Thinking Between Disciplines: An Aesthetics of Knowledge
Jacques Rancière, translated by Jon Roffe

Foucault, Freedom and Truth Emergence
Kimon Lycos, with an introduction by Matthew Sharpe


Truth-telling in Foucault's "Le gouvernment de soi et des autres" and
Persius 1: the Subject, Rhetoric, and Power
Paul Allan Miller

Nomadology or Ideology? Zizek's Critique of Deleuze
Robert Sinnerbrink

Sadism and Masochism: A Symptomatology of Analytic and
Continental Philosophy?
Jack Reynolds

The Politics of Performativity: A Critique of Judith Butler
Geoff Boucher

Overhearing Bartelby: Agamben, Melville and Inoperative Power
Arne De Boever

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