UPDATE: Fusion Cultures (UK) (9/7/06; 12/9/06)

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Final call for papers: submission of abstracts extended until 7th September=
Fusion cultures: 'memory, migration, [re]mediation, mobility' - 9th =20
december 2006 =20
A one-day multi-disciplinary conference, to be held at the maritime campus=
University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom=20
The Asian Research Group at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College in=
collaboration with the Department of English and Performance Studies at The=
University of Greenwich, London=20
'Rather than a manufactured clash of civilizations, we need to concentrate=20
on the slow working together of cultures that overlap, borrow from each oth=
and live together in far more interesting ways that any abridged or=20
inauthentic mode of understanding can allow.' (Edward Said, 2004)=20
Keynote Speaker:=20
Sue Clayton (Royal Holloway], 'In Dialogue with Shangri La: Working with=20
Bhutanese Film Makers'=20
This aim of this conference is to examine the complex nature of the=20
relationships and encounters between the imaginary and the real 'East' and=20=
'West', in=20
the present and recent past. We invite papers that utilise the term=20
'fusion' as a place from which to explore the concept of interactions and e=
beyond traditional theoretical mappings such as post colonialism and=20
post-modernism. Our focus is primarily, but not exclusively, upon the inter=
between 'East Asia' and 'the West' over the last 25 years with reference to=
the development of new media - eg, computer games and the development of a=20
global matrix of 'fusions' which move beyond the art world to the everyday.=
also welcome papers which seek to re-examine past encounters with an awaren=
of cultural fluidity.=20
Suggested topics, include, but are not limited to the following:=20
1] Travel, Diasporas and mobile communities/identities=20
* Community, migration and national identities=20
* Memory, and identity: between here [new home spaces] and there [place of=20
origin] - and back again. =20
* The relationship between 'imagined' and 'real' pasts in the construction=20
of diasporic communities=20
* Autobiographies: Hybridity, post modernity and fusion subjectivities=20
* Literatures of encounter. - e.g. Angela Carter, Peter Carey, Natsume =20
2] Orientalism, Occidentalism. =20
* Performance and Techno-Orientalism=20
* Fashion, design and architectures of style and home=20
* Cyberpunk, fantastic and future fictions=20
* Intertextuality and the influence of Asian cinema on Hollywood=20
* Theatre & Performance from East to West: Noh, Kabuiki, Butoh, Brecht=20
* Theatre and Performance from West to East - Shakespeare & Co =20
* Games. Sony Play Stations & beyond. =20
* The aesthetics of Manga and Anime=20
* Web sites and fandom =20
3] Imaginary Homelands/ Imaginary Others =20
* Histories, films and stories of the Orient: the transmission and=20
translation of East to West including travel writing, postcolonial literatu=
re and=20
cinematic co-productions=20
* Revisionist histories =20
* Theorising encounters between East and West, and back=20
* Geographies, philosophies and mental cartographies =20
* Eastern landscapes and their aestheticization =20
* Eastern Gardens and design=20
* Food and transformation - the foreign as the everyday=20
* Fantasy Fictions. -e.g. Neil Stephenson, David Mitchell =20
4] Literature: Globalisation, Urbanisation and Memory =20
* New cities, Nostalgic cities. - esp Murakami =20
* Connecting through the avant-garde - esp Kobo Abe=20
* Literatures of trauma and memoralisation of trauma=20
* The language of ancestry, memory and ghosts. =20
5] Language and philosophy : between the translatable and the=20
untranslatable. =20
* We especially welcome contributions which consider 'continental=20
philosophy' with their influence of Eastern philophy - and back =20
* We are interested too in papers which address the blindness and insight =20
of 'continental' philosophy of the last century - eg Kristeva -On Chinese =20
Women, Derrida, Barthes, Deleuze. =20
6] Seas, Islands and Peninsulas =20
* We are thinking here of Conrad and his legacy- but doubtless there are=20
more imaginative 'takes' on this. =20
Submissions are invited from scholars and students of film, media, gender=20
and cultural studies, literature, architecture, design and fashion, histo=
and art history, music, history, sociology and cultural geography. =20
Please submit a 250-word abstract and a brief bio by 7th September 2006, to=
the joint organisers; Dr Colette Balmain: _colette.balmain_at_bcuc.ac.uk_=20
(mailto:colette.balmain_at_bcuc.ac.uk) and Dr Carolyn Brown:=20
_C.M.H.Brown_at_greenwich.ac.uk_ (mailto:C.M.H.Brown_at_greenwich.ac.uk) =20
Registration Fee: Standard =A340, Student/Unwaged =A315 (conference fee inc=
tea/coffee and lunch)=20
Student/Unwaged =A315. =20
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