CFP: 2007 African Literature Journal Supplement: The Works of Chin Ce (12/06; journal issue)

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Journal papers centring on the works of Nigerian poet and novelist Chin Ce are invited to supplement ongoing 2007 journal issue by the International Research Confederacy on African Literature and Culture IRCALC.
Already Chin Ce, one of the important voices of contemporary African writing, is author of three published works of fiction: Children of Koloko, Gamji College and The Visitor; two volumes of poetry: Full Moon and An African Eclipse in addition to other essays which have begun to generate studies and commentaries by scholars of African literature around the world. This journal supplement is aimed at updating existing responses and approaches to the oeuvres of Chin Ce. Contributions must show a good knowledge of any or more of the above-listed works of Chin Ce (Please request available PDF copies in lieu of Printed volumes) and should attempt reading and evaluation in the light of these major thematic and stylistic concerns of Chin Ce's writings viz: History, Progress and Transition of modern African societies; Individuality, Identity and Contemporary Modernity, Youth and Citizenship Issues; Conflicts, Trauma and Reconciliation; Magic Realism in Past/Present Temporality;
 Dialogue, Banter and Rhetoric as Dialectics. In addition, papers comparing the writings of Chin Ce with other relevant African fiction/poetry will be particularly welcome. Please send abstracts and propositions for participation in this supplementary journal issue to editor Charles Smith at Deadline: December 2006.

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