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Call for Papers


2006 Film and History League Conference

"The Documentary Tradition"



AREA: Errol Morris


Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris is known for winning the 2004 Academy =
Award for Best Documentary for The Fog of War; for his 1998 film The =
Thin Blue Line, which both resulted in the release of death-row inmate =
Randall Adams and introduced the now-familiar dramatic reenactment; and =
for his device known as the Interrotron, which allows direct eye contact =
(ostensibly) between the subject and the spectator. He is a leading =
contemporary practitioner in "the documentary tradition."


We are inviting submissions on all aspects of the non-fiction work of =
Errol Morris, including his full-length documentaries, his television =
series First Person, and his ads for the Move On/Kerry campaign. So far =
we have received proposals on Morris's methodology; Vernon, Florida; =
Gates of Heaven; Fast, Cheap and Out of Control; Mr. Death: The Rise and =
Fall of Fred Leuchter Jr. =20




New, extended deadline for submission is August 15, 2006. Electronic =
submissions of 250-word abstracts are preferred.=20


The Film and History League conference details can be found at=20

www.filmandhistory.org. The meeting will run from 8-12 November, 2006, =
in the Dolce Conference Center near the DFW airport. A spectrum of =
other areas will evolve on the web site over time.


Send all inquires and proposals to=20


Dr. Lou Thompson=20

Department of English, Speech,=20

     and Foreign Languages

Texas Woman's University

Denton, TX 76204=20



Dr. Lou Ann Thompson
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Department of English, Speech, and Foreign Languages
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