UPDATE: Sports Documentaries (8/15/06; Film & History, 11/8/06-11/12/06)

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The deadline for submission for papers on Sport Documentaries (see =
below) at the Film & History conference has been extended to August =
15th, 2006. Please submit abstracts of 200-250 words plus brief biog to =
Ian McDonald: i.mcdonald_at_brighton.ac.uk

Also we invite participants for a Roundtable discussion on the following =

Digital Video and the Sport Documentary: Opportunities and obstacles

Digital technology has revolutionised documentary filmmaking, especially =
in the field of sports. Whether you are a filmmaker with definite views =
about the impact of digital video, or a new or would-be filmmaker making =
use of digital technology, all are welcome to the roundtable to debate =
the issues and exchange ideas on opportunities and obstacle presented by =
digital technology in the making of sport documentaries. =20

Call for Papers
2006 Film and History League Conference
=93The Documentary Tradition=94
AREA: Sport Documentaries
>From the classic and controversial Olympia (1938, Leni Riefenstahl) to =
the critical and commercial success of Murderball (2005: Rubin and =
Shapiro), sport documentaries represent a significant if under =
researched aspect of the documentary tradition. Certainly, documentary =
filmmakers have long recognized the sporting domain, whether that be =
sporting events, athletes, or sporting cultures, as fertile terrain for =
telling stories that reach an audience well beyond the sports =
aficionado: Hoop Dreams (1994, James) for example is in the top ten =
biggest grossing documentaries of all time. Furthermore, sport =
documentaries also constitute an increasingly important part of the =
burgeoning television sport channel output. As sport continues to expand =
and permeate global cultural consciousness, documentaries will continue =
to chronicle, critique and celebrate sport by offering us windows and =
mirrors on this universal human endeavor.=20

How do we account for the Sport Documentary? How have particular sport =
documentaries engaged with political and social issues, such as =
nationalism, gender, race and sexuality? Is it the case that sporting =
events, as one critic has argued, lie at the =93actuality=94 end of the =
documentary spectrum? Is it useful to talk of the sport documentary as a =
sub-genre of documentary film? What is the relationship between: sport =
and the documentary; between sport documentaries and sport fiction; and =
between sport documentaries and mainstream sport programming? We are =
inviting submissions on all aspects of sports documentaries. Deadline =
for submission is August 15th, 2006.
The Film and History League conference details can be found at=20
www.filmandhistory.org. The meeting will run from 8-12 November, 2006 =
in the Dolce Conference Center near the DFW airport. Many subject area =
venues are
listed on the web page.
Send all inquires and proposals to=20
Ian McDonald
University of Brighton,=20
Chelsea School
Denton Road
Eastbourne, BN20 7SP

This area is part of Film & History's 2006 "The Documentary Tradition" =
conference. The conference will be held November 8-12, 2006, at the =
Dolce Conference Center in Dallas, TX, near the DFW airport. D.A. =
Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus will be featured artists at the conference. =
Plenary sessions will be conducted by Raymond Fielding, author of =93The =
American Newsreel: A Complete History,=94 and Betsy McLane, co-author of =
=93A New History of Documentary Film.=94 Sessions will also be held with =
Allen Mondell and Cynthia Salzman Mondell, documentary filmmakers with =
oeuvre devoted to the ethnic experience in America and the experience of =
women (www.mediaprojects.org), and Glenn Marcus and historians who =
researched =93March of the Bonus Army=94 for PBS. In addition, James =
Welsh, Editor (Emeritus) of the Literature/Film Quarterly will chair a =
special session of film journal editors to talk with participants about =
publication opportunities and goals. Aspiring authors will meet living, =
breathing human beings from the L/F Quarterly; the Historical Journal of =
Film, Radio, and TV, Film & History; Post Script; Journal of Popular =
Film and TV; in addition, there will be book publishers seeking =

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