CFP: 4th International Language, Communication, Culture Conference (Portugal) (9/15/06; 11/28/06-11/30/06)

full name / name of organization:

4th International 'Language, Communication, Culture' Conference
Lisbon, Lusofona University, November 28-30, 2006

An organisation of the staff, students and associates of the 'Culture
and Society' Postgraduate Programme (University of Lisbon), of the staff
of the Department of Communication, Arts and Information Technology
(Lusofona University), and of Best Travel Agency.

Keynote Speakers:

Vikki Bell (Goldsmith's College, University of London)
Nicholas Mirzoeff (New York University)

The conference will be structured around three topics:

1 - Media, media-making and the politics of news production

2 - Visual culture and hegemonic cultural policies and practices

3 - Cultural studies and the production of knowledge and social change

This year's LCC Conference will be hosted by Lusofona University, a
private academic institution in Lisbon. Having previously been held in
Évora and Beja, the LCC conference alternates annually amongst
several institutions that comprise Portugal's academic panorama. Apart
from Lisbon's centrality favouring participation in this event, both
transport and accommodation-wise, Lusófona University was chosen as a
venue due to this institution's focus on communication, visual arts and
new technologies. This academic slant coincides with the Conference's
principal vectors, namely media, visual culture and cultural studies.

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"The LCC Conference mandate is to bring together scholars from all
disciplines and fields of the humanities and social sciences with
contributions on language, communication, social and cultural themes
that analyse the contemporary world, its vectors of crisis, its tensions
and conflicts, its lines of development, and its resources of hope."

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