CFP: Feminist Film & Media and Pedagogy (8/6/06; collection)

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Hankin, Kelly

CFP: Feminist Film & Media and Pedagogy (8/6/06;collection)

Over the last thirty years, feminism has greatly enriched the field of =
Film and Media Studies. Feminist film criticism is now canonical, its =
theories, methodologies, and passions a central (though not =
unchallenged) component of the discipline. Importantly, its centrality =
has had a major impact on University curricula. Classes in feminist film =
theory are a staple of most graduate and undergraduate film programs, =
and feminist media is regularly featured in film, media, and women=92s =
studies courses. Nonetheless, despite the enormous impact feminist film =
criticism and practice have had on University education, their =
relationship to the practical and theoretical issues of pedagogy have =
been ignored. Save a few notable exceptions, little has been written =
that explores the relationship of feminist media, feminist film theory, =
and pedagogy. Because teaching is a vital part of our profession, =
filling in this blind spot in our scholarship is crucial.

This proposed anthology seeks to redress this lack by bringing together =
a collection of essays that explore the connections between our research =
and production interests in feminist film and media and our roles as =
teachers. This anthology will make an important contribution on two =
fronts. First, it will provide a critical tool for those of us in the =
field whose primary responsibility (and perhaps passion) is teaching. =
Additionally, it will enhance the field itself by asking what we can =
learn about film/media studies and practice when we see them through the =
lens of pedagogy.=20
Essay topics are open, but potential contributors might want to use the =
following themes as a springboard:

The philosophy of feminist film/media pedagogy
Teaching feminist studies and practice and/as activism
Feminist film/media scholarship and student accessibility
Strategies for teaching challenging feminist film theories and media=20
The classroom usefulness of the feminist film/media canon=20
Alternatives to the feminist film theory classroom and canon
Using interdisciplinary materials to teach feminist film/media studies
Teaching feminist theory and feminist media interactively
The effectiveness of teaching manuals and introductory textbooks=20
The "art" of teaching feminist film and media
Models of best practices of teaching
Combining theory and practice in the classroom
Teaching feminist media within and beyond the production classroom=20
Teaching the work of women filmmakers
Explorations of pedagogical failures, successes, and development
Analyses of classrooms, assignments, and collaborative teaching
Teaching feminist media at research universities, liberal arts =
institutions, comprehensive universities, and two-year colleges

In addition to more traditional essays, case studies, essays written in =
the form of letters to students, interviews with successful teachers and =
students, and "how-to" guides are welcome. I also strongly encourage =
scholars and filmmakers from all stages in their career to submit =

Please submit a one-page proposal=97along with curriculum vitae=97via =
regular mail or email by December 15, 2006 to Kelly Hankin, Associate =
Professor of Film Studies, Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, =
University of Redlands, 1200 East Colton Avenue Redlands California =
92373 Please feel free to write with =

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