CFP: InterCulture: Re-Visioning History (11/1/06; e-journal issue)

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Thomas Philbeck
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Fall 2006 InterCulture CFP

Florida State University 's Interdisciplinary Humanities E- Journal
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Re-Visioning History

Fall deadline - November 1st 2006

InterCulture invites essays for its fall 2006 semester issue on new
methods of constructing histories. The 19 th and 20th centuries have
expanded notions of history beyond the strictly epistemological realm
and have allowed new and creative avenues to develop. InterCulture
would like to explore the methods and motivations for the discipline
of history's evolution over the last century and a half.

Historicity as a critical approach to understanding the past has been
removed from its lofty Hegelian pedestal as a beacon illuminating the
political and social events of the past. Instead, history as a subject
has impacted other disciplines, becoming an interdisciplinary object
in itself. New ways of looking at history and historiography may
include personal histories, identity, cultural history apart from
nationality, geographical histories, psychology and history,
metaphysics and history, the production of national histories,
language and the construction of historical dialogues, histories via
literature and art, the purpose of oral histories, archaeological and
scientific impact on human history, new histories since Darwin, media
and history, the media-zation of history via the History channel,
modern film and the internet, etc.

The connections between history and historicity, philosophy,
psychology, literature, sociology, religion are evident in the modern
university curriculum. We would like to publish papers that seek to
demonstrate the interdisciplinary connections between history as an
academic discipline and its new forms and spaces.

InterCulture is an e-journal focused upon the interdisciplinary study
of world cultures, the celebration and contemplation of cultural
diversity, and exploration of the commonalities of the human
condition. InterCulture exists to publish articles and media written
from an interdisciplinary perspective, without any preference for a
particular theoretical approach. Creative work, book, film and music
reviews are accepted as well.

InterCulture publishes material on a rolling basis; please allow 1-3
months for review. Articles should be submitted in MSWord or .RTF
format and be between 3-6K words in length; book, film, and music
reviews should be between 750-1250 words. Submissions are

For creative work, video and images should be submitted in commonly
utilized formats. (e.g., .SWF, MP3, AVI, Real Media, Windows Media,
.JPG, .GIF, .WAV, etc.)

All submissions should have "InterCulture" in the subject heading and
be emailed to:
Thomas Philbeck
Managing Editor, InterCulture

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