CFP: The Cultural History of Reading (no deadline noted; collection)

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Gabrielle Watling
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Series title: The Cultural History of Reading; Volume One - The United
States. Volume Two - The World.

Publisher: Greenwood

Due Date: Summer 2007

Editors: Sara Quay Ph.D. (the United States) and Gabrielle Watling Ph.D.

Audience: The series is designed as a reference for an undergraduate

Purpose: The series will examine readership patterns, trends, motivations,
influences and connections to publishing, and popular/political/social
movements within the U.S. and a variety of regions/historical periods
throughout the world. The emphasis is on reading, not literary history.
What did the people of [region/period] read? Why did they read it? How did
their reading choices help to shape literary trends, publishing and book
manufacturing industries etc?

Payment upon acceptable submission.

Available sub-sections for the WORLD Volume:

from the Africa/Mid.East Chapter:
1) Pre- and Early Islamic Period;
2) Pre-Colonial and Colonial Africa;
3) The Creation of Israel

from the Asia and the Pacific Chapter:
1) The South Pacific and Melanesia;
2) South East Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Vietnam,
Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Singapore etc.)

from the Diasporic Literatures chapter:
1) The Jewish Diasporas;
2) The Asian Diasporas;
3) The Russian and Eastern European Diasporas;
4) The African Diasporas;
5) The Latin American Diasporas

from the Americas (Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean, South America, Central
America) chapter:
1) The Caribbean

from the Britain/Europe chapter:
1) Ancient Greece and Rome;
2) The Renaissance

Each sub-section will be approx. 8000 - 9000 words in length, and will
include an introduction, a brief historical timeline, a discussion of
readership patterns organized under genre subheadings (e.g. Creative texts,
Educational texts, Political texts, Newspapers and Magazines, Domestic texts
etc.), material on current text availability, and "side bar" material for at
least 3 side bars.

Contributors also receive full acknowledgement and a copy of the 2-volume

Please contact Gabrielle Watling at

Gabrielle Watling Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English
Endicott College
376 Hale St
Beverly, MA, 01915
(978) 232-2973

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