CFP: Trojan Communities (9/15/06; Kalamazoo, 5/10/07-5/13/07)

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Wolfram R. Keller

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42nd International Congress on Medieval Studies
10-13 May 2007
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Special session: Trojan Communities

In the light of the renewed interest in Troy, we invite papers on medieval
representations of the Trojan War, especially Troy as a particular communal
space, and/or papers that consider medieval communities' claims of Trojan
genealogy as part of a dynastic or nationalizing mythology. Because the Trojan
War was the most popular secular story in Europe during the Middle Ages in
history, literature, and art, this session can accommodate a wide variety of
disciplinary and methodological approaches to the question of Trojanness. With
a number of towns, cities, and countries across Europe claiming Trojan descent,
the session invites comparative approaches to issues of local and national
communal identity formation, discourses of dynastic legitimization and
critique, and medieval historiography. This session provides a forum for
engaging with and extending upon prevalent issues in recent Troy scholarship
concerning different discursive representations of Troy throughout the Middle
Ages. We are particularly (though not exclusively) interested in
epistemological (historiographical, poetological etc.) concerns embedded in the
depiction of both Troy and Greece as besieged and besieging communities,
respectively, as well as the relationship to the author's contemporary
community, for example, in terms of offering different modes of social

Please submit abstracts for presentations (along with the "Abstract Cover
Sheet") by 15 September 15 2006 to both

Timothy D. Arner (<>)
Wolfram R. Keller (<>).

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