CFP: Boundaries: Creative/Critical (11/15/06; collection)

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Call for Publication

Contributors are invited for the forthcoming edited
collection of essays Boundaries: Critical, Creative
and Interdisciplinary methods of Making, Breaking, and
Negotiating Boundaries*

The papers presented at the recent 'Boundaries:
Critical and Creative' Postgraduate Conference at
Loughborough University in June 2006 highlighted the
quality of academic research being done which
interrogates, acknowledges and challenges boundaries
in critical and creative literature. This collection
is in part inspired by and, in part, a response to the
success of the conference and the wide range of
high-quality academic discussion that came from it.

This book has been contracted by Cambridge Scholars
press and the anticipated publication date will be
autumn 2007. Successful contributors will be expected
to submit a 6000-8000 word article (excluding notes)
that addresses the ways in which critical and/or
creative boundaries apply to their research.

Subjects might include, but are not limited to:
Geographical boundaries; Sudden boundaries: Wartime
shifts in geographical borders; Cultural boundaries;
Boundaries of translation between different languages;
Sense/Nonsense; Reason/Unreason; Life, Death and the
Afterlife; Exceeding human boundaries: ESP, telepathy,
mediumship; Interzones: automata, robots and science
fiction; Critical/Creative boundaries; Historical
events/fictional depiction; Writing creatively about
other cultures; Moral responsibility/creative licence;
The literary canon; Literary boundaries: genre; The
boundary of the stage in theatre; Transgression of
legal boundaries: criminality; Social boundaries:
criminals, prostitutes, poets; Class boundaries; The
Living space and its boundaries: home, cell, ward;
Gender boundaries; Bodies, starvation and the self;
Sexual boundaries.

If you would like your paper to be considered for
inclusion, please send an email indicating your
interest in this project to both and
and we will forward a copy of the submission
guidelines. Completed essays should arrive to us no
later than November 15th 2006. Accepted contributors
will be notified within one calendar month.

Contact details:

Jenni Ramone
Department of English and Drama
Loughborough University

Gemma Twitchen
Department of English and Drama
Loughborough University

*Title subject to alteration

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