CFP: Ethics and the Documentary Tradition (9/10/06; Film & History, 11/8/06-11/12/06)

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Hamilton, Dotty
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( (8-12 November, 2006=97Dallas, TX) (deadline: =

Call for Participants in some lively roundtable discussions of =93Ethics =
in Documentary Film=94 at the Fall, 2006 Film and History League =
Conference on =93The Documentary Tradition.=94 Suggested topics =
include, but are not limited to:

Ethics of re-enactments (from Nanook to The Thin Blue Line)
War films: documentary or propaganda?
Ethical issues of filmmaker involvement=20
=96 Peter Davis, Michael Moore, Morgan Spurlock,
What ethical responsibilities do filmmakers have to their subjects? To =
the audience?
Are there any ethical norms in documentary?

We aim to encourage an open, wide-ranging discussion that will engage =
these questions in innovative ways. Panel participants will make brief =
opening remarks followed by a moderated discussion that may include =
interactive media illustrations of topics.

Submission guidelines. Please include with your submission:
A 150-word statement of the ethical issue you propose to raise.
Please give full name and contact information, to include phone, fax, =
zip, etc.

These Roundtables will be attended by many participants of the =
conference, but the program for these sessions will list only those who =
are NOT on other panels. (We are hoping that this option provides a =
program placement for those without a current research project to report =
at a formal session=97but wish to participate in the meeting.)

The Film and History League Conference will be Nov 8-12 at the Dolce =
Conference Center near Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas. Copious details on =
conference, including registration, are available at =

Deadline for submission 10 September 2006=20

Direct proposals and questions to=20
Dotty Hamilton at

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