CFP: The Superhero Revised (9/7/06; collection)

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Wandtke, Terrence

The Superhero Revised (9/7/06; Book Collection)


CALL FOR PAPERS (Please circulate)


Two essays are needed for a forthcoming collection entitled The Superhero Revised.


Deadline for submissions: September 7, 2006


>From the time of their advent in comic books of the 1930's, superheroes have been a distinctive part of the American experience. Some critics have suggested that the enduring presence of superheroes in comic books, film, and television grows from the desire to retain the classic heroic archetypes. Others have suggested that superheroes are extremely malleable commodities that easily reflect and reinforce culture. With these ideas (and others) in play, this collection explores the changes made to the superhero in general and particular throughout the twentieth and into the twenty-first century.


The essays that comprise the collection are mostly in place but two more are needed to address specific aspects of superhero revisionism.


The first should focus on a superhero or several superheroes in comic books of the Golden Age, preferably examining changes that take place in reaction to WWII. The essay can address changes that have occurred in subsequent eras but should contain a discussion firmly grounded in the Golden Age.


The second should focus on a superhero or several superheroes as translated to other media previous to the mid-1980's. Although the largest part of the discussion may focus on the incarnation in another medium, the essay should demonstrate knowledge of the comic book source material.


Submissions for either of these essays should be in the form of a 300-500 word abstract or in the form of a completed essay. (The desired word count is approximately 7,500.) If submitting a proposal, please do so based on work in progress and with the idea that the finished product will be needed soon. The collection has been accepted for publication by McFarland Publishing and the window of time for completion is relatively short. Submissions should also include a short bio.


Please make submissions to Terrence Wandtke at <> . You may include the proposal in the body of the e-mail or attach as a Word document. You may also mail a hard copy to Terrence Wandtke; Division of Communication Arts; Judson College; 1151 North State Street; Elgin, IL 60123-1498. Your e-mail or hard copy submission must be received by September 7, 2006. Please include your contact information.


Dr. Terrence Wandtke

20th Century Literature, Film, and Popular Culture

Judson College

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