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 Call for Papers=20
The Documentary Tradition: =20
Contemporary Documentary Maker =E2=80=93 Morgan Spurlock
The Documentary Tradition - 2006 Film and History Conference
Dallas, Texas, United States

8th=E2=80=9312th November 2006
Deadline now extended to 10th September 2006
The Documentary Tradition and its many permutations will be the topic of th=
Fall, 2006 Film and History Conference. =20
Proposals are now being accepted for The Documentary Tradition looking=20
specifically at the contemporary documentary maker Morgan Spurlock.
Listed below are some suggestions for possible proposals, but all other=20
perspectives and aspects will be considered.

=C2=B7 Semiotics and bodily secretions/emissions
=C2=B7 The aesthetic of the =E2=80=98real=E2=80=99 body =20
=C2=B7 The myth of the healthy body
=C2=B7 Spurlock: Saviour or glory-seeker?
=C2=B7 The impact of the Reality TV form on Spurlock=E2=80=99s wor=
=C2=B7 The filmmaker as subject.=20
=C2=B7 Notions of =E2=80=98truth=E2=80=99 and =E2=80=98reality=E2=
=80=99 imbedded in the Documentary =20
=C2=B7 Documentary as social/political reform.
=C2=B7 Reflections on American culture and its global effects as=20
portrayed in Spurlock=E2=80=99s work.
=C2=B7 Documentary and cinema
=C2=B7 Narrativisation of the real

This area is part of Film & History's 2006 "The Documentary Tradition"=20
conference. The conference will be held November 8-12, 2006, at the Dolce=20
Conference Center in Dallas, TX, near the DFW airport. D.A. Pennebaker and=20=
Hegedus will be featured artists at the conference. Plenary sessions will b=
conducted by Raymond Fielding, author of =E2=80=9CThe American Newsreel: A=20=
History,=E2=80=9D and Betsy McLane, co-author of =E2=80=9CA New History of=20=
Documentary Film.=E2=80=9D=20
Sessions will also be held with Allen Mondell and Cynthia Salzman Mondell,=20
documentary filmmakers with oeuvre devoted to the ethnic experience in Amer=
ica and=20
the experience of women (www.mediaprojects.org), and Glenn Marcus and=20
historians who researched =E2=80=9CMarch of the Bonus Army=E2=80=9D for PBS=
. In addition, James=20
Welsh, Editor (Emeritus) of the Literature/Film Quarterly will chair a spec=
session of film journal editors to talk with participants about publication=
opportunities and goals. Aspiring authors will meet living, breathing huma=
beings from the L/F Quarterly; the Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and T=
Film & History; Post Script; Journal of Popular Film and TV; in addition,=20
there will be book publishers seeking manuscripts.

Please email or post abstracts of approx 250 words to the address below:

Peri Bradley
Area Chair: Morgan Spurlock
30 Atherley Road =20
SO15 5DQ
To view full details of The Documentary Tradition, 2006 Film and History=20
Conference please visit http://www.filmandhistory.org.

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