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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 5 September 2006

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                          Call for Papers: 'jam'
                  Edited by Lawrence English & Jo Tacchi

What is Jam? How can we understand this cultural and culinary condiment?
How does it exist on its own right? Can it exist without attachment,
without some form of boundary giving this amorphous blob some understood
form and shape?

As a condiment, the notion of jam exists attached to a more solid form -
wedged between two pieces of bread or contained within a jar. Its creation
(via various processes and transformations from raw material into something
consumable, even desirable), housing, marketing and consumption all shape
our understanding of this widely used, yet somewhat 'formless' term. Is it
through this series of conditions (and many more not noted above) that we
understand the ideas of 'jam' - that is, by association? Equally, the term
applies to a variety of artistic procedures and situations - from work with
sound and visual arts to online applications and a broader 'cultural'
application. These are the experiences and conditions of 'jam' and
'jamming' that this issue aims to uncover and explore. Is jamming always
underprepared and underdefined in advance? Ironically, if one 'preserves'
it, can it still be considered 'jam'?

Is there still a currency for this term? Have the popular uses of 'jam' in
a cultural, musical and art setting rendered it less effective? How might
it be reinvigorated and where does the future path of jam potentially lie?
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Article deadline: 16 Oct. 2006
Issue release date: 20 Dec. 2006

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