CFP: Resentment In/Of Women's Studies (12/31/06; 2/23/07)

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Kery Chez
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 CFP: Resentment In/Of Women's Studies (due 12/31/06; held 2/23/07)

King Richard's opening remark=97 "Now is the winter of our discontent"
(Shakespeare, 1597)=97resonates with the discourse of our postmodern age of
uncertainty. The historical reiterations of resentment as a zeitgeist
suggest something about its very nature, of its ironically competing pulls
towards morbidity and hopeful calls for faith and love. Nietzsche, in his
autobiography, considers that "nothing on earth consumes a man more quickly
than the passion of resentment," alluding to its erotic and masochistic
power, and its paradoxical potential to destroy and generate. Resentment
fuels wars, infects relationships, splits people internally=97but may also =
as a catalyst for positive expression and productive action. This
conference seeks to gain purchase on and work through this elusive,
multivalent concept by exploring how economies of resentment are configured
in multiple disciplines and varied mediums.

Suggested paper topics, here loosely grouped, include (but are not limited

*Knowledge production; feminist aesthetics*

   - Authorship and/or publication as outlet for or expression of
   - Discontent with modernity, post-modernity, or globalization
   - Resentment between/within women's studies, men's studies, and queer
   studies, within/out of the academy
   - Inter- and intra-department politicking, subversion, backstabbing

*Psychology, philosophy, religion*

   - Resentment as paralyzing ("resentment is like taking poison and
   waiting for the other person to die")
   - =85 or, as spur to action (as the saying goes, "to have a grievance
   is to have a purpose in life") or revenge
   - Envy as sin, or penance; self-flagellation and other forms of
   self-control through self-hatred; mastering resentment via self-control
   - The erotics of bitterness; the pleasures of holding a grudge
   - Narcissistic resentment ("sucks to be me") vs. * schadenfreude*
   - Freudian *u nbehagen* (discontent with civilization), and Marxist
   - Illness or humiliation as cure of resentment

*Cultural studies*

   - The feminine subject position of non-agent resentment vs.
   "masculine" proactivity
   - Male resentment of feminism; backlash
   - Spaces of resentment; "safe" spaces for the expression of
   resentment; resentment-free spaces
   - Labeling as deviant; slurs, and gossip as expressions of resentment
   - Heterosexual resentment of perceived homosexual elasticity, and vice

*Socio-legal-political** *

   - Second-citizenship; National resentment, and/or the resentment of
   citizen-subjects against their nation or another (allegedly imperialist =
   colonizing) nation
   - Humiliation or trauma creating or fueling resentment, e.g., in
   - The deployment of discontent; resentful anger as inspiration to, or
   the basis of, organizing

   - The burden on the body of being owed a wrong
   - "Justifiable" and "improper" forms of animus
   - Reciprocal resentments between lower, middle, and upper class women

*ABSTRACTS DUE: ** 12/31/06** *

=B7 Abstracts for individual papers should be no more than 300 words.

=B7 Panels of 3-4 speakers are welcome to submit a joint abstract of no
more than 500 words. Please clearly indicate if your proposal is a panel

=B7 Please e-mail your submission, along with a brief (3- to 4-sentence)
bio, to as an attachment. Selected speakers
will be notified promptly.

*Steering Committee: Keridiana Chez, Randy Cota, and Kelley C. Kawano*

*Co-Sponsored by the Women's Studies Certificate Program, CUNY Graduate
Center *

Keridiana ("Kery") Chez

Ph.D. Student, English Dept., The CUNY Graduate Center
Chair of the Feminist Studies Group, The CUNY Graduate Center
Adjunct Lecturer, English Dept., Queens College

Keridiana ("Kery") Chez

Ph.D. Student, English Dept., The CUNY Graduate Center
Chair of the Feminist Studies Group, The CUNY Graduate Center
Adjunct Lecturer, English Dept., Queens College

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