UPDATE: Queer Pop Culture and Community (9/15/06; NEMLA, 3/1/07-3/4/07)

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<BODY>"Post-Millennial Queer Pop Culture and the Construction of Community"<BR>A Panel at the 2007 NEMLA Convention in Baltimore Maryland, March 1-4 2007<BR><BR>This panel seeks papers that explore recent queer pop culture (including tv, film, art, comics, porn, music, theater, the internet) and how this pop culture cultivates and/or constructs community. To what extent do these pop culture products make and/or perpetuate assumptions about queer community? To what extent do they reflect the evolution of a queer community? Papers may examine representations of queer life in mainstream popular culture as long as the papers focus on the depiction of queer community. <BR><BR>Please email 250-300 word abstracts to Andrew Schopp at schoppa_at_ncc.edu.<BR><BR>
Please Note: You must be a member of NEMLA by November 30 2006 to be included in the program. You do NOT need to be a member to submit a paper proposal. You may submit to more than one panel, but may only present ONE paper at the conference. See the Nemla website www.nemla.org for more information about the conference.<BR></BODY>

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