CFP: DeLillo & Postmodern Ethics (10/10/06; 20th-C., 2/22/07-2/24/07)

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                                              CALL FOR PAPERS


For a panel entitled: Postmodern Ethics and Morality in Don DeLillo's

                        to be sponsored by the Don DeLillo Society and
presented at:


                      The 35th Annual 20th Century Literature & Culture

                        University of Louisville, USA, 22nd - 24th
February 2007


Often DeLillo's fiction depicts a world in which the system and the
order are disintegrated; he explores culture and life in ways that can
be disturbing, illustrating, as they do, that there is no possibility of
a universal system. Anarchy and chaos dominate with conflict between
individuals and systems being emphasised. These same individuals are
often shown to be trying their best to cling to systems, despite it
being apparent that these same systems are not helping them. This is
partly explained by the lack of security associated with admitting that
Grand Narratives have collapsed. In many of DeLillo's novels we see
individuals negotiating their fear and/or fascination with death. This
fear springs from the impossibility of attaching definite meanings to
life. These fictional characters act out the hesitation between the
instructions of traditional and postmodern ethics and the way in which
this negotiation directly affects their moral choices in daily life.


The panel organiser would be pleased to receive proposals for papers on
any aspect of Postmodern Ethics & Morality within Don DeLillo's fiction.
Possible subjects might include:


* Family

* Marriage

* Mass Consumption

* Technology

* Mass Media, representation, images

* The 'Holocaust'

* War

* Religion & Christian Ethics

* Death Fear

* Science & Academic Circles - Education

* Ideologies

* Individual & Society

* Advertising

* Culture - modern institutions, chemical companies,
CIA, etc.



Please send 250-300 word abstracts plus some brief biographical details
about yourself before the 10th October 2006 to Dr Ruth Helyer -


The panel organiser unfortunately cannot attend this conference and
therefore requires a panel chair? Anybody willing and able to undertake
this please contact me at the email address given above.=20

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