CFP: Global Mediations: Post-Fordism and Transnational Literature (11/1/06; ACLA, 4/19/07-4/22/07)

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Nilges, Mathias
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Mathias Nilges

"Trans, Pan, Intra: Cultures in Contact"
The Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association
Puebla, Mexico (April 19-22, 2007)

Seminar: Global Mediations: Post-Fordism and Transnational Literature

This seminar intends to examine contemporary literary production with a
transnational, or global focus as mediations of the socioeconomic change
from Fordism to post-Fordism. As terms such as "globalization," "Empire"
etc. are beginning to lose descriptive and analytical rigor, submissions
to this panel should examine contemporary literary production in relation
to the concrete social and economic changes underlying the transition into
post-Fordism in order to arrive at a more concretely grounded
interrogation of the engagement of current literary production with
current political economy (as broadly, heuristically alluded to by the
terminology mentioned above). It may then be even possible to
theoretically refine such popular analytical categories as
"globalization," or even "multitude." To that end this seminar invites
literary papers engaging with this theoretical issue, as well as purely
theoretical analyses of post-Fordist culture and political

Possible approaches to this topic may include:
- cultural exchange in times of economic globalization
- multiculturalism and post-Fordism
- global determinations of local cultural and racial politics
- the change of academic disciplines as determined by post-Fordism /
transformations in the local/global socioeconomic structure
- the cultural politics of flexible accumulation
- the significance of new models of political economy for contemporary
literary and cultural studies
- the role of neoliberalism in the formation of contemporary political
subjectivity (potentially subcategorized into race, class and gender—e.g.
the changing mobilization of the "traditionally" masculine, or the
increasing "productive" integration of formerly marginalized forms of
- the cultural engagement with the (psychological) effects of radical
changes regarding traditional Fordist categories such as "home/local
(geographical, racial, gender) identity," "static ownership," "economic
conservatism," "bureaucratic control and stability," etc.
- cultural explorations of affective/immaterial labor
- contemporary re-formulations of biopolitics in an increasingly
immaterial economy

and many more...

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