CFP: Importing and Exporting National Identity (10/15/06; SCSECS, 2/22/07-2/24/07)

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Eugenia Zuroski
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CFP: =93Importing and Exporting National Identity=94

SCSECS 2007, Tulsa, OK (Feb. 22-24)

Contact: Eugenia Zuroski

Proposal deadline: Oct. 15, 2006

In her introduction to the edited volume The Global Eighteenth =20
Century, Felicity A. Nussbaum defines the =93global=94 project as =
=93paying =20
attention to =91the movement of ideas across borders and over time,=92 =
as =20
geographers David Livingstone and Charles W. J. Withers characterize =20
the Enlightenment=94 (2). In the spirit of pursuing a global =20
eighteenth century, this panel invites papers that examine the =20
movement of ideas across national and cultural borders in the long =20
eighteenth century, with regard to how hallmarks of particular =20
national identities=97from British civility to American liberty=97can =20=

themselves be considered objects of the age=92s flourishing import/=20
export businesses. How did certain ideas depend on cross-cultural =20
movements to survive? In what ways is national identity not a =20
homegrown product but the effect of international circulation? I =20
will consider work from all fields of eighteenth-century studies, and =20=

I particularly welcome close readings of literary texts and analyses =20
of =93the social life of things.=94

Please send abstracts to Eugenia Zuroski at by Oct. =20=


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