CFP: Migrant Writing (10/14/06; journal issue)

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Elwan Lobo-Pires
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JOURNAL: MaCom=E8re - The Journal of the Association of Caribbean =
Women Writers and Scholars (ACWWS)

Special Issue: Migrant Writing

Submission Deadline: October 14, 2006

MaCom=E8re, the Journal of the Association of Caribbean Women Writers =
and Scholars is accepting submissions for its special issue on Migrant =
Writing. MaCom=E8re publishes short fiction (poems, stories, excerpts =
from novels in progress), literary criticism, and book reviews. =
Essayists and reviewers are encouraged to address the works of Caribbean =
women writers and performers in both English and French Canada. =
Potential topics for this issue include but are not limited to =
postcolonial narratives and gendered perspectives that may embody =
rootlessness, migrancy, or hybridity; the diasporic experience of =
Caribbean peoples in North America, Europe, and Africa; the experience =
of transculturation; or the negotiation of Caribbean-Canadian =

MaCom=E8re is a refereed journal which is devoted to scholarly studies =
and creative works by and about Caribbean Women in the Americas, Europe, =
and the Caribbean Diaspora. It is the journal of the Association of =
Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars, an organization founded in 1995. =
All writers and scholars who are members of ACWWS are specially invited =
to submit scholarly papers, creative works, interviews, or book reviews =
to the journal in English, French, or Spanish. Submissions from =
non-members are most welcome, as well.=20

Please follow the submission guidelines below to send in your =


1) The deadline for submission of manuscripts for the Migrant Literature =
issue is October 14, 2006.=20

2) Articles/fiction should be between 4000 and 7000 words long; reviews =
should be between 1000 and 1500 words long.=20

3) Submissions may be sent via email (preferred method) or post. Email =
submissions to the Editor at For manuscripts =
submitted by post, include an electronic file diskette in Word Perfect =
6.1 (or higher) or Word 6.0 (or higher) along with 2 hard copies, and =
mail to: Hyacinth Simpson, Editor, MaCom=E8re (Migrant Literature =
Issue), Department of English, Ryerson University, 305 Victoria Street, =
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2K3.=20

5) Submissions should include a separate data sheet listing home =
address, home phone and fax numbers, office address, office phone and =
fax numbers, and email address of the contributor.=20

6) The contributor's name should appear only on the first page of the =
manuscript; the identity of the contributor will be removed before =
manuscripts are screened by the editors.=20

7) All material should be typed and double-spaced throughout, including =
quotations and endnotes. Type endnote numbers as superscript and list =
endnote information in Notes, following the text. Authors should follow =
the most recent edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research =

8) A brief biographical statement of the contributor of no more than =
fifty words should be included.=20

Thank you,=20

Hyacinth Simpson
Editor, MaCom=E8re (Migrant Literature Issue)
Department of English
Ryerson University
305 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario,=20
Canada M5B 2K3

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