CFP: Reproductive Rights and Responsibilities Symposium (grad) (10/16/06; 11/8/06-11/10/06)

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   Reproductive Rights =26 Responsibilities 2006=3A Beyond Pro-Choice/Pro=

The Harold Washington College Women=92s Studies Committee (WSC) is =

hosting a reproductive rights symposium on November 8-10=2C 2006 on the =

college=92s campus (30 E=2E Lake St=2E=2C Chicago=2C IL)=2E Designed to =
be multi-
faceted=2C informative=2C and provocative=2C the symposium aims to engage=

faculty=2C students=2C staff=2C and guests with presentations=2C exhibits=
=2C and =

discussions on reproductive rights issues ranging from current =

legislative activity to cultural perspectives on sexuality to =

historical intersections of race=2C gender=2C and class in relation to =

reproductive rights=2E

Symposium Objectives

We aim to provide symposium participants with a more nuanced view of =

reproductive rights issues as informed by the diversity of voices and =

experiences represented both within the Harold Washington College =

community and beyond=2E

In drawing upon this diversity=2C we intend to create a space for =

multiple perspectives while simultaneously nurturing healthy =

intellectual discomfort=2E Further=2C we hope to equip participants with=

the tools necessary to continue to engage in meaningful and fruitful =

dialogue about the controversial topics of our time=2E

Among other speakers=2C we will have Dorothy Roberts=2C Kirkland =26 Elli=
s =

Professor of Law and Faculty Fellow at the Institute for Policy =

Research at Northwestern University=2C who will speak on the topic of =

Race and Reproductive Rights=2E =

We invite abstracts and proposals that creatively engage the following =


=95 Problematizing the Pro-Choice Pro-Life Binary
=95 Religious=2C Historical=2C Legal and Cultural Perspectives on =

Reproductive Rights
=95 Race=2C Class=2C and the Availability of Reproductive Rights
=95 Reproductive Rights and the Regulation of Sexuality
=95 Globalization of Reproductive Rights
=95 Reproductive Rights Current Events (South Dakota Abortion Ban=2C =

Plan B Legalization=2C Parental Notification and Consent for Abortion =

and Contraception)
=95 Dual Necessities=3A Reproductive Rights and Career Opportunities
=95 Pharmaceutical Control of Biology and Women=92s Self-Conception
=95 The Range of Reproductive Choices Available in the Chicago Area
=95 The Centrality of Reproduction to Women=92s Identity

We also welcome alternative approaches to the theme of reproductive =


We especially encourage submissions from City Colleges of Chicago =

faculty=2C staff=2C and students as well as from graduate students in =

women/gender studies=2C history=2C religious/cultural studies=2C American=

studies=2C race and ethnic studies=2C biological sciences=2C and politica=
l =

science=2E =

Please note that we also welcome guests who do not wish to present=2E

Please e-mail abstracts=2C proposals=2C and other information requests to=

Rosie Banks (rbanks=40ccc=2Eedu)=2C Betty Harris (beharris=40ccc=2Eedu)=2C=
 or Tim =

Donahue (tdonahue=40ccc=2Eedu) by October 16=2C 2006=2E

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